Back to School Driving Safety

by Josh Overholser on August 18, 2014 at 6:55 am

With some area schools starting back up Monday and many more starting later this week, it’s important to take caution while driving.

With school buses out more frequently and many students in the cross walk areas, drivers need to be aware of the laws and keep an extra eye out.  Sgt. Andy Armstrong with the Zanesville Police Department said they’ll be monitoring the 20 miles per hour school zones to make sure drivers are obeying the slower speed limit.

"We try to be in the school zones, at least for the start of school until people get used to it because sometimes they don’t get the idea that the school’s back in session yet, or what to look for, or what to watch," Armstrong said.  "So we try to be in the school zones a lot more just to make more of a visible presence so that they get used to that.  Then once they’re used to that, usually there’s not much problem."

Sgt. Armstrong said it’s also important to be mindful of school bus stops and students getting on and off the bus.

"You don’t want to pass a stopped school bus with the lights on.  You just don’t want to do that.  Kids have gotten hurt.  People have crashed.  There’s been several instances involving stuff like that.  Even in the news, you see it once in a while."

Armstrong said the main problem they see is people getting in a hurry in or around school zones.  His best piece of advice is to simply be patient around student walkers and buses.