BCI&I Performs Annual Marijuana Eradication

by Bill Hughes on August 29, 2014 at 5:13 am

You may remember earlier this week when we told you about helicopter flyover in Muskingum county. It was for marijuana.

This time the Muskingum County and Zanesville Police Department Joint Drug Task Force, Central Ohio Drug Enforcement  and Ohio BCI  seized 170 marijuana plants and 30 pounds of processed marijuana.

"Monday was also our marijuana erad day," Sheriff Lutz said. "We usually have two our three of those a year, and this was our first day where we get help BCI&I to come in with a helicopter. They fly our county through intell through our drug agents."

Sheriff Lutz said this was a previously scheduled event and did not have connection to the Wheeling Avenue raid. The flyover found five seperate locations with marijuana growth.

Lutz added that, "all of this with a street value if it is harvested and sold in the right way it’s about 215 thousand dollar street value for the marijuana."

Lutz hopes to have charges in this case filed next week. He added that several arrest and asset seizures are expected in the future as a result of the operation.