Cool Off at the Muskingum Recreation Center.

by Stephanie Hube on August 28, 2014 at 7:02 am

Summer may being coming to a close, but the heat and humidity hasn’t taken the hint.

With some area pools already closed up for the summer, the pool at the Muskingum Recreation Center is the perfect place to cool off. Lifeguard and swim instructor, Drew Smith says that the enclosed area and life guards make it a safe environment for kids to have some fun without that summer humidity. Smith even takes advantage of the pools basketball hoops himself.

"I’ve played a little myself. I like to jump up and pretend I’m like a whale and smash the basketball in there. I play a lot with my kids after class. They love it."

Susan Bowen told us about the family swim days on Sunday afternoons. Members can bring their families for free to swim while community members can enjoy the pool for $5 per person, with a $30 limit.

"I’d tell someone to come to our pool because its not very crowded so there is plenty of space for anybody that is interested. And we have two different pools allowing someone to swim laps or come in and do their own water aerobics routine or just walk in the water. Or just come in and splash around and cool off. We have space for everybody. "

And the best part? Once the winter weather finally decides to come around. The pool will still be open.