Coshocton Grain Company Explosion

by Katie Donovan on August 14, 2014 at 9:52 am

The Coshocton Grain Company was badly damaged in an explosion Wednesday afternoon.

The company is located at 475 Browns Lane. The blast occurred around 4:05PM Wednesday. 5 employees and two graters were sent to the hospital out of precautionary measures with non-life threatening injuries. The cause was due to a dust explosion in one of the bins. Chairman of the Coshocton Grain Company Board, Larry Endsley says that the company does everything they can to prevent incidences such as this.

"We do everything we can and safety is our main concern and we do all the things we need to do to prevent, but the timing was just not right. The conditions were wrong, or right for the explosion."

A resident living near by said her house shook during the blast. Endsley described the damage to the Grain Company as "disastrous". The back side of the middle silo was completely gone, 2 train cars were totaled and the hardware lay beneath on the ground. Mainly corn and soybeans were lost. Endsley says regardless of the incident, they will continue on through fall harvest.

"The timings not right. This is the time when we’re unloading and getting ready for the fall harvest and within 6 weeks we’ll be taking grain and we’re going to do everything we can to take grain again this year as we always have in the past."

The Coshocton Fire Department, The Salvation Army, The Red Cross, The Coshocton County Emergency Management Agency and other emergency crews all responded.