County Treasurer Meets with Muskingum County Commissioners

by Stephanie Hube on August 21, 2014 at 6:56 am

County Treasurer, Carol Friel met with the Muskingum County Commissioners Thursday afternoon.

Friel explained that the Investment Committee met and has decided money should be transferred out of current accounts that are not earning at a high interest rate and  that money should be placed into different types of investments with higher earning potential.

"The implications are more money earned, we would get more for our money sitting there. The interest earned would be larger. Which is good for the county. It gives us more money to operate, more money to invest. "

Different types of investments are being looked at as a possibility for some of the money, but Friel is positive about the state of the investments.

"It was a good meeting," said Friel. "This is a good thing we are doing, this is a good way to make our money work for us"

The Muskingum County Commissioners will meet with Friel again in September.