Food at the Muskingum County Fair

by Stephanie Hube on August 11, 2014 at 9:00 am

It is day two of the 168th Muskingum Couty Blue Ribbon Fair, and over the course of the week thousands of people are expected to attend, and the fair has enough food to feed each and every person.

From carmel apples and steak on a stick, to hearty sandwiches and Amish pies, there is something for everyone. Start your day at the Meadow Farm Church Booth where they grill up Bob Evans breakfast till 11a.m. each day. If you are hungry for lunch some booths like Grillin’ Dave Style have a pork chop on a bun or the West Muskingum Athletic Boosters are serving up brat’s, hot dogs, and ribeye sandwiches. Both booths told us why their food is so delicious.

"Just the special dry rub we put on it just sets it off. We dont put any marinade on it, we don’t put any liquid on it. We put a dry rub on it, grill it and serve it to you guys" said Cowboy of Grillin’ Dave Style.

Phill France from the West Muskingum Athletic Boosters said this of their ribeye sandwiches, "They are fresh, and our roppings and spices are wonderful. Also, come out to the fair and enjoy West Muskingum food!"

West Muskingum Athletic boosters even let me try one of their mouth watering ribeye sandwiches, complete with all the toppings. But, if you are hungry for dessert head over to the Zanesville Church of the Nazarene’s Food Booth where they have homemade Amish pies.

"Our peanut butter pie goes like mad, they are the best sellers we have. They are the best cream pie we have here. The other one, for the fruit pies is a toss up between the black raspberry and the strawberry rhubarb" Said Nyla Watton.

You can also help support the Zanesville High School Marching Band by getting a waffle from the Waffle Wagon. They are deep fried and covered in powered sugar.

"The reason why i like the waffles is they just taste so good, they’re sugarie, they’re just delicious" according to Amy West.

No matter what you’re craving you can be sure to find it at the fair.