Highland Oaks Health Center does the Ice Bucket Challenge

by Bill Hughes on August 26, 2014 at 10:41 am

Another local organization completed the Ice Bucket Challenge Monday.

This time the Highland Oaks Health Center in McConnelsville participated. Highland Oaks is a nursing home and currently has one resident diagnosed with ALS. That resident’s son, Casey Blackburn joined Highland Oaks’s employees in completing the challenge Monday afternoon.

"I love dad so much and it’s great to be here in his honor, and I can’t think the community enough and highland oaks enough for taking the time to do this in honor of my dad," Blackburn said.

Highland Oaks took the challenge as an opportunity to raise money for the cause. Through the challenge they have raised $400 dollars for ALS research. Maribeth Lemmon, the Community Services Representative for Highland Oaks talked about completing the challenge.

"We just thought that was a great way to recognize people that need a little bit of help and decided that it was a good time to jump on the wagon and get some momentum going, getting our sister facilities and the community involved," Lemmon said.

Highland Oaks is holding a 50/50 drawing next Monday where half the money raised will go to ALS research and the other half to the winner of the drawing.