Immunization Awareness Month

by Stephanie Hube on August 6, 2014 at 6:48 am

You can help give your baby a healthier start to life even before they are born with immunizations.

August is national Immunization Awareness Month and this week focuses on getting your baby off to a healthy start. Infant vaccinations can help protect your child from fourteen diseases. Jamie Heinzman, the immunization coordinator at the Zanesville-Muskigum County Health Department explained that not all immunizations are administered after a child is born, but some, such as vaccine that covers whooping cough, are given before.

"The importance of that shot is that it not only protects the mom against the whooping cough but it provides antibodies to the baby for whooping cough and it protects them till about 3 months after they are born, " said Heinzman.

Heinzman explained where these vaccines can be administered.

"Their family physicians provide them, the ob’s do not provide DTaP shots for pregnant women, so they refer most of their patients to the health department, which we do appointments for those. So if they give us a call we usually can get them in that week."

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