Inmates Dump Trays in Protest of Maggots in Serving Area

by Josh Overholser on August 7, 2014 at 10:57 am

After yet another discovery of maggots in the serving area at the Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville, the anger among inmates continues to rise. 

"It’s been horrible.  She’s experienced the maggots.  They just recently had pizza the other day that had mold on it." 

Those were the words of a frustrated Mary Murphy.  Murphy’s daughter, Kasseanna Hill, is currently serving a two and half year sentence in Marysville for tampering with evidence.  After a report yesterday of maggots during a pre-meal inspection, 1000 inmates dumped their lunches in the trash in protest.

"And my daughter was one of the girls," Murphy said.

"No one ate the food yesterday," Hill said in a phone interview.  "Everybody came together, and they went over there, and we never once sat down and ate the tray.  We all got the tray.  And as soon as we got it, we went straight to the trash can, and we dumped it.  It was so bad that everybody was doing it."   

This marks the second report of maggots at the Marysville prison and the eighth confirmed case in a state prison this year.  Hill claims two people were diagnosed with food poisoning after eating moldy pizza.  She said she’s just tired of not being taken seriously.

"It’s terrible.  Something needs to be done. And they act like us inmates are lying, and we’re not lying.  There ain’t no reason for us to lie.  So we don’t deserve to be treated like this neither.  They clean it up for a couple days when they know the people are coming in to investigate, and then as soon after it, they could care less about it." 

"If I knew it was just one or two inmates complaining, I probably would brush it off," said Murphy.  "But thousands of them?  No.  This is not to be brushed off.  And that’s what I feel they’re doing.  They’re shoving it under the rug." 

The private vendor who took over the job of feeding the inmates last year has been fined twice by the state for violations ranging from staffing shortages to sanitation issues.  So far, though, Hill said there have been no improvements…And her mother says it simply isn’t fair.

"They did a crime," Murphy said.  "They’re up there doing their time, but don’t treat them like animals.  They’re not animals.  They’re human beings, and they should be treated like human beings."

Scott Flowers, Deputy Communications Chief of the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction issued the following statement:

"Aramark is required to abide by ODRC’S Heart Healthy menu.

Pizza was discarded at ORW when it was discovered it had mold on it. This occurred prior  to the meal being cooked or served.

Food Service is a critical article operations and we take these issues very serious."