John McIntire Library Funds “Stagnant”

by Katie Donovan on August 1, 2014 at 6:48 am

The John McIntire Library of Muskingum County is awaiting the release of estimates from the Office of Budget and Management.

Those estimates are expected to be released in early to mid August. Assistant Director of the Muskingum County Library System, Blair Tom, says that library funding as of late has been minimal.

"The past few years our library funding has been flat. We will receive the updated estimates from the office of budget and management early to mid august, we expect it to be flat or a potential decrease. So our funding continues to remain very stagnant and the opportunities to grow resources and the interest in that continues to develop."

A levy renewal for the library is needed to supplement these stagnant funds. Surveys have shown that the library is a very important resource to the public. In order to continue with the strategic plan, and grow to become a next generation library, a renewal of this levy this fall is a necessity.

"We are hearing more and more that it is a valued and important resource and to continue to make it relevant, we need to grow, in the areas and develop next generation libraries. To do that, we certainly need the renewal of the levee and then it is our responsibility to make those resources meet the opportunities and those areas that are most valued by area residents."

The levy renewal will appear on the ballot during the November general election.