Muskingum Family YMCA Preparing For The End of Swim Season

by Katie Donovan on August 4, 2014 at 6:43 am

With the arrival of August, the Muskingum Family YMCA is already thinking about the end of summer.

The Y is always a popular place to swim at during those hot afternoons. Lifeguard, David Griffin says each day they typically see about 100 kids come through. Griffin said if the weather stays nice for the next two weeks, that attendance is expected to continue.

"I think if the weather keeps up like it has been lately, it’s gonna be a lot of kids here finishing out the year, swimming and everything, as much as they can."

There are a variety of different groups that come to swim at the Y. Camp kids, Latch Key, and the general public. Barb McKinnon, teacher at Genisis Ghildren’s center says the Y is always a great place for them to swim each summer.

"It gets them out of the daycare center for a few days and they have great friends and they just really love swimming with eachother and enjoying the park."

As far as the kids go, many are sad to see the end of summer fast approaching.

One swimmer said, "I’m not very happy about it cause I love to swim."

Another explained, "I feel bad I love this pool….this is the only time I get to see all my friends."

One more shared, "I just…I just love this place and I miss all my friends."

Day passes are $5 a person. The pool is open Monday through Saturday from 12PM to 7PM, and Sunday from 1PM to 6PM. The pool closes for the summer, August 17th.