New Floating DVD System at Libraries

by Stephanie Hube on August 22, 2014 at 6:55 am

Starting Monday the 25h, the Mskingum County Library System is going to have a floating DVD collection.

The basic idea for the floating system is that whatever branch a DVD is returned, that is where it will stay. Assistant director, Blair Tom told us that currently a DVD can be returned to any of the six locations, but, then it’s transported back to its home branch. This new system leaves the DVDs at the branch they are returned to until it is requested by another location.

"The benefit is, currently we transport them back to their home location, and that is down time for the customers to have access" said Tom, "Although we do a really information based collection development about where things go, we know the customer is the expert on where it belongs. And we believe that collections will self correct."

This system will allow the libraries individual collections to best represent the genres and age appropriate movies that are most watched and borrowed from that particular location.

"So, basically the customer now is even more involved in that collections selection and development where the items belong, simply by their use of the resources. "

The six locations of the library system update their collections every two weeks. This new system will also help refine their ordering system.