Renewed Funds for Southeast Area Transit District

by Bill Hughes on August 28, 2014 at 7:02 am

Howard Stewart of the Southeast Area Transit District addressed the Muskingum County Commissioners Thursday afternoon. The meeting focused on renewing funds for 2015.

The county commissioners have supported the bus service in the past, and that will not change for next year. Stewart requested a renewal of the $10,000 the county gave SEAT this year. That plan was agreed upon. Stewart said that SEAT is providing a service and people are utilizing it.

"We move people to provide hope, and I think having a public transit system within the community is a big plus because we can get people from one end of the city to the other," Stewart said.  

Stewart said transportation has increased about six percent from 2013 and that SEAT is working on replacing its fleat as quickly as possible. It currently opporates 23 revenue vehicles.

"It means we can keep doing what we’re doing, providing transportation, providing that hope and moving people," Stewart said.  

Close to 500 people utilize SEAT on a daily basis with about 400 of those people residing in Muskingum County.