Route 60 Construction Update

by Josh Overholser on August 5, 2014 at 6:33 am

The Ohio Department of Transportation said construction on a rock wall along State Route 60 is going smoothly and even running a little ahead of schedule.

Construction began on the wall in mid-July, shutting down a section of State Route 60 just south of Duncan Falls.  ODOT’s Ericka Pfeifer said the goal of the project is to move the wall back away from the roadway to ensure the safety of drivers.

"Behind us, you hear them drilling," Pfeifer said.  "Currently, they’re drilling holes into the wall to put in rebar and anchors to hold up a mesh wire fencing.  And then also in front of the wall, they’re going to build an earth mound, and that will protect any of the rock that’s kind of getting weathered and falling and crumbling–that will protect it from the weather and the elements."

The rock wall, which stand around 45 feet tall, is being moved back about eight feet from the roadway.  The initial target date for the opening of the road was September 15, but Pfeifer said they are now optimistic it will be open sooner.

"Everything is on schedule, and a project update for you guys–we are going to try to have the road open to traffic for Labor Day which coincides with the Morgan County Fair as well."

Until then, the recommended detour is to take State Route 60 or 78 to State Route 284, then to State Route 146, and finally back on to 60.