Safety at the Muskingum County Fair

by Stephanie Hube on August 11, 2014 at 9:39 am

With the Muskingum County Fair in full swing the Fair Board and Sheriffs Office are working hard to keep fair goers safe.

Sheriff Matt Lutz says that deputies will never be in the same spot very long. They will be driving around the fair grounds in golf carts, supervising events and patrolling the fairground around the clock. Although it’s the Sheriffs Offices job to keep fair goers safe, parents can help by creating a plan with their families.

"If you come to the fair, if you drop your kids off to come here and you leave. Make sure there is a plan on where you are supposed to meet them, and if they don’t show up, make sure there are consequences. "

Lutz suggests easy to find landmarks such as the sheriffs tent located by the walk in entrance or the grandstand on the opposite end of the fairgrounds.

"Our biggest thing is to make this a safe environment and a comfortable environment for all of our citizens that paid to get in and want to have a good time. "

This is Lutz’s 6th fair as Sheriff and he said that over the years they haven’t had a lot of issues. He’s hoping that this year will be the same, but if there are any altercations the people involved will be asked to leave the fair and banned for the rest of the week.