Nichole Hannahs

School Supplies Delivered to Families

by Nichole Hannahs on August 7, 2014 at 6:52 am

Over 300 families now have the supplies necessary for their students to start the school year off right.

Thursday, volunteers spent the morning delivering backpacks to waiting cars at Zanesville Middle School as part of the "Tools for School" campaign.

Eight hundred and fifty backpacks were filled with supplies over two days. That’s more than they were originally planning.

"We had another donation of 54 backpacks," said Co-chair of Tools for School Ellen Shaw. "Since we had the demand for more and we had the backpacks we went ahead and filled 50 more."

Shaw reminds families that registration for the "Tools for School" program is always in mid-July. This year, demand for supplies in our area was so great that some had to be turned away.

"We took applications for four days and we reached 850 before the end of the fourth day," explained Shaw. "We had to turn people away that fourth day and that really makes us feel bad. We’d like to be able to help everybody."

Shaw said they hope to continue to have all the volunteer support and donations next year to encourage students to do well and progress through their lives.