Secrest Auditorium Requests Repair Funds

by Katie Donovan on August 4, 2014 at 6:25 am

Secrest Auditorium Officials met at City Hall Monday afternoon to discuss funding for necessary repairs.

The historic building will celebrate their 75 year anniversary this April. Ann Combs, Manager of Secrest Auditorium said they need to address the critical needs first. Combs says they are plan on doing this through funding approval from City Council.

"Today the ways and means committee of city council has approved to move forward and recommend to council itself, to fund the 1.5 mill repairs that are necessary for secret at this time."

Those critical needs include a new air conditioner, west wall repairs and a new roof. Combs says that these are incredibly important to preserve the building and keep it operating. Combs says the building has a lot of historic and sentimental value to the community.

"It was built in 1940 with WPA money. At that time our city forefathers decided that we needed a gathering place for meetings, for people to come together and celebrate our community. It’s been an entertainment venue for almost 75 years. Its considered a jewel in our city and we’re hoping to keep it that way."

Future funding for the Secrest Auditorium is still being determined.