State Route 60 to Open for Labor Day Weekend

by Josh Overholser on August 27, 2014 at 7:08 am

The rock wall construction on State Route 60 just south of Duncan Falls is now in the final stages.

Construction began on the wall in mid-July.  Crews worked to move the wall back about eight feet and also added mesh wire fencing. An earth mound is being built between the wall and road as well to protect the rock from weathering and the elements.

"State Route 60 is still going as planned," said the Ohio Department of Transportation’s Ericka Pfeifer.  "It’s going great.  We anticipate having lanes available this Labor Day weekend for traffic to flow through.  Those lanes will remain open throughout the week as well."

Pfeifer said the lanes will open on Friday, then close again on September 8 in order to put the finishing touches on the project.  The goal is to have the road open for good by September 15.  ODOT is also ahead of schedule on it’s bridge replacement on State Route 666.

"The bridge replacement we were doing at triple six and Bateman Road was anticipated to be open October 1, but we went ahead and got that open early, and it will be open to traffic September 6," Pfeifer said.

For more details about construction projects, you can visit ODOT’s website at