Students Begin Classes at Muskingum University

by Josh Overholser on August 26, 2014 at 6:57 am

Students at Muskingum University made their way to classes to begin the new school year this week.

For incoming freshmen, it’s been a busy few days.  From moving in to new student week activities and navigating campus to the convocation, there’s been no shortage of activities to occupy their time.

"They seem to be engaging, and there’s always a lot of activities for the students this first week, and actually the first semester, to get the new students indoctrinated into the system and back on the campus for the older students," said Dr. Cindy Wilkins, the director and chair of the nursing department.

Sysco’s chief marketing officer and 1986 Muskingum graduate Bill Goetz was the featured speaker at the new student convocation Tuesday morning.  While starting a new chapter can be stressful for new students, we spoke to some who seemed to be enjoying the transition.

"A lot of football, and then getting to know new people.  Just trying to get used to everything," one said.

"I’ve just been doing football and classes," added another. "I like to hang out in the dorms and stuff.  There’s a lot of cool people."

Of course, both of those football players we spoke with were excited about their season starting up as well.  They have a scrimmage on Wednesday before opening up the season September 6 at Waynesburg.