Nichole Hannahs

Teachers Head Back to School

by Nichole Hannahs on August 18, 2014 at 6:56 am

While some schools headed back to the classrooms Monday, Zanesville City Schools won’t welcome students back until Thursday.

Teachers in the district took part in the citywide workshop Thursday where they combined work and play. They held a contest for best group theme and loudest before getting down to business watching educational videos and listening to a guest speaker.

"They get back to see each other," said Operations Coordinator for Zanesville City Schools Kevin Appleman. "It’s almost the kids coming back to school so are the teachers. I think it’s great. We’re going to have a great year this year."

This year’s speaker talked about the proper use of Facebook and the internet. Something teachers twenty years ago never had to worry about.

"Now kids have it. Teachers have it," said Appleman. "Everyone has it which is fine. It’s okay but just using it properly. You shouldn’t be using it here at school, shouldn’t use it for anything negatively."

Appleman said that they want this year to be happy one with a lot of hard work and want to make sure everyone feels welcome.