Nichole Hannahs

The Safety of City Water

by Nichole Hannahs on August 5, 2014 at 6:32 am

This week that state’s fourth largest city, Toledo, told 400,000 people to stop drinking its water after it became tainted with a toxin suspected to be from algae in Lake Erie.

City of Zanesville officials said that we don’t have to worry about a toxin infecting our water supply because it comes from the ground not the surface.

"Our water is coming from a natural aquifer underground from wells," said Water Superintendent Paul Mills. "We have 12 wells that we pump from. So, it very seldom changes."

The city also rotates which of their wells get cleaned every year. A company currently is cleaning Well One, which means they are clearing out debris that gets built up in the tanks and then treating the tank.

"Well Number 3 just got finished and it was pumping around 400 gallons per minute now after being cleaned and everything we’re back up to about 900 gallons per minute," said Mills.

The water is also treated before leaving the facility with Chlorine, Fluoride and Phosphate. To ensure the safety of the water the city is also working on well protection plan, which outlines what to do in the case of a water contamination and what can and can’t be built near the wells.

Each day the city pumps five million gallons of water.