The United Way and South End Walmart To Hold Fill The Bus Event

by Katie Donovan on August 1, 2014 at 6:49 am

The United Way of Muskingum, Perry and Morgan counties and the South End Walmart are teaming up this weekend.

The first ever "Fill The Bus" event will be taking place at the Walmart location. It will run Saturday and Sunday from 2PM to 4PM and will benefit middle school students. Volunteers from United Way, Morgan County Junior High and Avon will be there collecting donations. Those who shop at Wlmart during this timeframe can grab a list of requested items and shop for them at the store. According to Executive Director, Meg Deedrick, any and all school supplies will be accepted.

"Any kind of school supplies. A lot of the school supplies that parents are out there buying now. Tissues, glue sticks, binders, are always needed. But we will have a specific list of supplies that middle school students would need so you dont have to memorize anything, you dont have to check it, if you’re there shopping or if you come in to shop, we can hand you a list and you can get whatever is convenient for you."

The event also goes toward the advancement of education. As far as students obtaining the school supplies, the process is a very simple one.

Deedrick said, "We are partnering with the administration in the school so all they would need to do is they can contact 2-1-1 and also contact the administration at the school and those supplies will be distributed there."

If you are unable to make the timeframe, Walmart will still collect donations. You are encouraged to stop by and take part in the fun.