Zerbini Family Circus

by Katie Donovan on August 13, 2014 at 6:50 am

Those who attended the Muskingum County Fair Wednesday had the chance to see a unique performance.

The Zerbini Family Circus took place at 2PM and 7PM Wednesday afternoon. Circus Ring Mistress, Melody Ramirez says the family owned and operated circus has a very rich history behind it.

"We’re over 200 years old, we were one of the first circus’ to perform in Africa…..We travel all over the United States. Family owned and operated, and it’s the oldest form of wholesome, family entertainment."

Those who attend can see a variety of acrobatics and performing animals. The most crowded shows occur at 2PM so you are asked to get a seat early. Ramirez says that every year they return to the fair, they bring something different for the audience to enjoy.

"It’s a free show. It’s one hour long. You can hide from the sun, if its rainy, you can hide from the rain….Whether you’re 1 or a 101, theres something for everybody to enjoy."

Admission to the circus is completely free. The daily show times are 2PM and 7PM, and on Saturday an extra show will take place at 5PM. You are invited to come out and take part in the excitement.