George Hiotis

ZMS 8th Grader Suspended For BB Gun

by George Hiotis on August 27, 2014 at 4:59 am

The Zanesville City School system has suspended a male 8th grade student for bringing a bb gun to the middle school.  Coordinator of Operations Kevin Appleman says it happened on Friday.  He says another student reported to a school official that he saw something that resembled a gun in a book bag that the student in question was carrying to the bus stop.  Zanesville Police were called and the student was monitored as he got off the bus.  Police searched the bag and determined it was a bb gun that used CO2 cartridges.  Appleman says the student – who will not be named – did not make any threats.  But he is currently on a 10 day suspension and after the school investigation is completed could be expelled for a calendar year.  Appleman says the student’s family is cooperating with the investigation and would have to right to appeal any decision that is made.