Crime and Violence Committee

by Stephanie Hube on September 17, 2014 at 6:58 am

The Crime and Violence Committee met Wednesday afternoon to discuss what is being done to reduce crime in the City of Zanesville.

Police Chief Kenneth Miller recapped the recent prostitution sting, robbery and hit-and-skip arrests then along with the committee fielded concerns from residences about high crime areas. First Ward City Councilman Mark Baker felt that the meeting was constructive and says that they addressed some key issues that could potentially help the safety of the community.

"What we did was talk about the possibility of cameras in certain neighborhoods at the request of city residences, to mitigate some of the problem areas with crime that were brought to our attention" said Baker. "We’ve been taking a look at maybe some sort of rehabilitation for prostitutes and drug felons that we catch, which is being done elsewhere in some other cities."

Baker says crime is a very difficult thing to eradicate completely and it’s hard to make residents feel completely safe. He wants the community to understand that city council along with the police force is working hard to attack the problems in these areas and feels in the past couple months they have been very successful.

"We’ve been taking a look at creating a more holistic approach throughout the city, working together with both city administration, the chief of police, and concerned residences to make sure that we aren’t just simply moving crime from one end of town to another end of town. But, trying to reduce it or eradicate it completely."

The committee also discussed the importance of community involvement. If you see something, Say something.