Duncan Falls Antique and Classic Auto Show

by Bill Hughes on September 1, 2014 at 12:41 pm

Despite the rain, classic cars rumbled through Duncan Falls Sunday afternoon as the Duncan Falls Volunteer Fire Department hosted a car show.

While the rain deterred some from heading out to the show, many people tolerated the rain for the opportunity to check out some classic cars. Randy Shilling brought his 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass to show it off. He wasn’t even phased by the weather’s bleak outlook.

"No I was coming rain or shine," Shilling said. "I came to the show one year and it was worse than this. It rained all day. I drive mine in the rain. I got it to drive, not to sit in the garage."

His car was one of 352 pace cars made for the 54th running of the Indianapolis 500. While his didn’t make it onto the track, it was still involved in the pre-race parade. He shared the story of how he bought it brand new in 1970.

"I worked at Krogers back then, and I went to work one morning," Shilling said. "I saw it sitting on the showroom floor with the top down. I thought I gotta have that car. So I drove around the block. Back then I put $20 down on it. That held it for a day or two until I got the money to pay for it. "

Shilling then sold the car so he could get another one, but that didn’t last forever as he re-bought the car in 1996. He said that he was happy to have it back.