Maurice Clarett Speaks At Maysville High School Athletic Complex

by Katie Donovan on September 8, 2014 at 1:05 am

Maurice Clarett stopped by Maysville High School Athletic Complex Sunday afternoon.

The event was held by Rolling Plains Church and was open to the public. Clarett was a running back on the 2002 Ohio State National Championship Team. Senior Pastor at Rolling Plains United Methodist Church, John Alice says his message that he shares stems from his personal life.

"Really Maurice is talking about the rise that he had in athletics at The Ohio State University 2002 National Champion and then the well documented throughout national media the fall that he had and he’s been talking about how his life has been changed and redeemed through that process and now how his whole life has been turned around."

Alice says he hopes that 500 people come to the talk. Live music, food, door prizes and the chance to meet Clarett were all offered to visitors. Alice says he feels that Maurice inspires the public from his personal experiences.

"I think there’s so many people out there including you and me that we’ve gone through rocky times, we’ve gone through challenging times and difficulties and sometimes we don’t know how to climb our way out of that pit, out of that hole and he’s been able to do that. And he’s done that through relationships he’s done that through relationships with God and connecting with God in a powerful way. He does that through making different choices and hanging around with different people and so he’s made a lot of adjustments in his life that I believe are lessons for all of us to learn from."

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