McElligott Stops by Zanesville to Talk CBJ Hockey

by Josh Overholser on September 2, 2014 at 9:01 am

Hockey’s offseason may only last a few months, but for passionate fans, those months can seem like an eternity. Fortunately, the wait is almost over.

Less than three weeks from now, the puck will drop in Nationwide Arena for preseason action to get the year underway for the Columbus Blue Jackets. Tuesday, Bob McElligott, the radio voice of the CBJ, stopped by Bryan Place to talk to members of the Noon Rotary Club of Zanesville about the upcoming season.

"This team will be no different than it has been the last two years," McElligott said. "It’ll be a hard working team, but again, it’s a team that’s trying to win. They expect to win. They expect to have success. That’s what they’ve done as a group. They believe in each other, and now they have good chemistry amongst themselves from the last two years. Hard work from the opening faceoff to the final horn, and just good, cohesive play is what you can expect to see out of this team."

After back-to-back winning seasons and a playoff series last year, fan interest has been on the rise. With winning ingredients in place again this year, McElligott hopes to see folks from our area make the short trip west to catch some games.

"It’s not that far," he said. "Now that the speed limit’s 70 miles an hour, it doesn’t take that long to get to Columbus and back, so we’d love to have people from Zanesville come over or pay attention on our radio affiliate over here. I know we have a good fanbase here, and I hope they’re just as excited as everybody else in central Ohio."

The first preseason game for the Jackets is September 21. The home regular season opener takes place at Nationwide on October 11 against the New York Rangers.