National Alpaca Farm Days

by Bill Hughes on September 29, 2014 at 12:37 pm

Alpaca farms around the country participated in National Alpaca Farm Days this weekend.

Each year National Alpaca Farm days aims to educate people about alpacas. The Alpacas of Spring Acres enjoys having people out to tour the family farm each year as part of the national event. However, Jaime Morgan said she likes to give tours year round.

"We do really like the public to come out," Morgan said. "We do free tours all year around for educational purposes. One of my goals is to get the younger crowd into this livestock."

The Morgan’s have over 60 alpacas on their farm. They show the alpacas and shear them every year to produce scarves, rugs and other items that are made out of the alpacas’ Fiber. But that’s not the only reason they raise them.

"For the most part they’re fun. I don’t want to say they’re like dogs, but personality wise that’s kind of how I view them. Of course we live in this barn above you, so we’re with them everyday."

For more information the farm’s website at www.thealpacasofspringacres or give them a call at (740) 796-2195.