One Antique Double Cornhusker still in use in Ohio

by Bill Hughes on September 1, 2014 at 12:42 pm

Millersport’s Annual Sweet Corn Festival concluded Saturday night. With over 100,000 ears of corn sold during the four day festival. There needs to be a reliable way to husk all that corn, and quickly too.

That’s why the festival uses its antique double cornhusker. The husker is just one of two like it in the United States, and it has husked every ear of corn served at the festival for the past 68 years. Jim Murphy is the corn booth chairman at the festival and said that they continue using it because it works best and it’s a show for the people.

Murphy said that "People love it, they keep coming back. It’s good."

The corn goes immediately from a semi truck to the husker, which is named Mr. "Ear"resistible, and the corn then continues down the assembly line. Murphy said that the system wasn’t that difficult to develop, and it keeps people coming back year after year. But over this past year many new parts were summoned from overseas to rebuild the husker.

"We bought that years and years ago," Murphy said. "It came from a corn canning factory in Circleville, that’s where we got it. We’ve had it ever since. Last year we had it completely rebuilt and remolded, so it’s up and running."

All of the corn served at the festival is grown specially for it in Urbana, Ohio. The festival may be over now, but it will be back in Millersport next year.