Road Resurfacing Bids

by Bill Hughes on September 15, 2014 at 6:43 am

The Muskingum County commissioners were supposed to be presented with multiple bids for road resurfacing in both Philo and Dresden Monday morning.

However, there was only one bid for Philo repairs and no bids for Dresden.

"With the Philo project that actual bid exceeded ten percent of our estimate, so we will have to re-bid that project," Sheila Samson, the Community Development Director for Muskingum County said. "With Dresden we did not receive any bids, so we will have to re-bid that project."

The county is making plans to revisit the Philo estimate to see if there may have been an error in calculation and will re-open the bids for both villages. The asphalt construction season is coming to an end, so the county is looking at extending these projects into next year.

"With it being this late in the year more than likely we will have to wait until construction season in 2015," Samson said.

The funds for these projects come via a state grant, so if the projects get postponed to next year the county will have to request an extension on the funds.