Two Classic Fire Trucks at Duncan Falls Auto Show

by Bill Hughes on September 1, 2014 at 12:44 pm

Many classic cars were on display at the Duncan Falls Car show Sunday afternoon, but there was also something extra for onlookers to enjoy.

Like at many other car shows a few classic fire trucks delighted the crowd. The two trucks at this year’s show were both commissioned in 1937. Don Alexander proudly showed off his truck that he bought from the Philo Fire Department. His truck is very special to him because he’s the fire chief for the Duncan Falls and Wayne Township Fire Department.

"I thought, well, whether than see it get cut up for scrap I would submit a bid, so I did and I was a successful bidder," Alexander said. "It’s took a long time to get where it’s at today, but time and money can fix anything."

While Alexander has several other old cars, the historical significance of his fire truck makes it very meaningful to him.

"This particular truck has a little bit of history. It was the only truck that could pump water to the fifth floor of the Star building when it burnt in downtown Zanesville in the early ’50s," Alexander said.

Alexander has had his truck for about four years and has taken it to four car shows. He also convinced his friend Larry Parker to buy a fire truck in 2011. Parker had the second truck at the show Sunday afternoon.