United Way Gears up for its 2014-2015 Campaign Kick-off

by Bill Hughes on September 4, 2014 at 8:13 am

The United Way of Muskingum, Perry and Morgan counties is having a Campaign Kick-off week. Events start Monday September 15 with a Take Control of Your Credit Score! event.

The credit score event is a one-on-one sit down to discuss what your credit score actually means and how you can keep track of it. That is only one of many events that United Way is having during the Campaign Kick-off for 2014-2015. We spoke with the Community Impact Director for the local United Way, Amy Davis about the events.

"This year we wanted to have a whole different aray of events to meet different audiences, you know those who maybe need some of those services with those who also give, and we wanted to have a way to say thank you, Davis said.

Davis said that they are very hopefull that people will come and see what United Way can do to help people with just a simple investment by those who can help.

"With the health, get moving, get active, they’re individuals in our community that maybe aren’t as able bodied, but here’s the progress that they’re making because of your investment in United Way, so we wanted to showcase those and to really bring awareness and to say it’s United Way, it’s campaign season again and you can help make those changes by investing in United Way."

For more information on all of the events United Way is offering during its Campaign Kick-off you can visit its website at www.unitedwayofmpm.org.