Y-Bridge Closing

by Katie Donovan on September 4, 2014 at 8:11 am

The Y-Bridge in Zanesville was closed Thursday afternoon re-routing commuters.

One lane of the Y-Bridge was open earlier this morning but was shut down completely shortly after. James Given, a Supervisor for BCC Ohio Incorporated says the resurfacing was done to apply sealer to the bridge.

"We’re applying a penetrating sealer…HMWM is what it’s called. It’s a penetrating sealer, it fills in the cracks."

Given says it prolongs the life of the bridge and keeps the cracks from growing. Given said closing the bridge this morning allowed for work to be done more efficiently.

"One of the officers down there said you know it would be nice if we could get that closed down. He was going to talk to the Mayor and then the Mayor was going to talk to I think the Safety Director and then I said you know I have plenty of material to do that. It would be easier for us instead of making it a two day job, make it a one day job and that way it isn’t such a mess through town."

The bridge is estimated to open again at 8PM Thursday. However, Given says the summer heat could dry the sealer more quickly allowing for an earlier opening time.