Body Discovered on Crown Street

Body Discovered on Crown Street

by Katie Donovan on October 9, 2014

A body was found in an alley behind the Old Munson Elementary School on Crown Avenue in South Zanesville.

The body was discovered and called in at approximately 8:50 Wednesday evening. Zanesville Police Department responded shortly after along with the Zanesville Fire Department and Community Ambulance. According to Lieutenant Chris Rice, the incident is being looked into as a homicide.

"Right now, all signs, without making any wild speculations, all signs are leading to a hit and run. It appears that he has been stuck by a car, and whoever, you know did this, took off, obviously without leaving their name or anything…some of the injuries are consistent with being struck by a vehicle."

The victim is a 52 year old male, but his identity is not yet being released. The body was taken to the county morgue. If you know anything regarding this incident, you are encouraged to call tips in to the Zanesville Police Department. You can do so anonymously.

Zanesville Police Department: (740)455-0700