Campaign 2014: Ohio Attorney General Race

by Bill Hughes on October 9, 2014 at 6:56 am

It’s time now for our latest installment in our candidate spotlight series.

Today, we focus on the race for Ohio’s Attorney General. A representative from Mike DeWine’s office and the Democratic candidate David Pepper spoke in Zanesville Sunday. Both men took time to address the heroin problem across the state, and Pepper says a change is needed.

“This is a crisis that needs three things," Pepper said. "We need a whole lot more treatment, we need a whole lot more prevention and we need a whole lot more enforcement, both tougher and smarter. All three things right now in Ohio are going the wrong way.” 

While Pepper is looking at the problem from where it stands today DeWine’s communications director, Ryan Stubenrauch says DeWine has made significant progress in settling the issues with prescription pill overdoses and the state’s drub problem has now shifted.

“Unfortunately, that progress has been replaced by the heroin epidemic and there’s a number of things that Attorney General DeWine has done, is doing to combat the heroin epidemic, working with communities, targeting drug dealers and trying to develop statewide recovery efforts,” Stubenrauch said. 

This is the last in our five part series on some of the candidates in this year’s election. Stay with us for more election information throughout October.