College Day at Zane State

by Katie Donovan on October 10, 2014 at 6:45 am

High School Students from across 7 counties took part in an important learning opportunity Friday.

Zane State College held their 34th annual College Day Friday. It gave students the chance to explore 65 different colleges and institutions. Jody Burchett, recruitment coordinator of Zane State College told us it give high school students the opportunity to learn about things they might not have know about before.

"Well the college reps bring anything from a view-book which just gives general information about the college, to applications, scholarships, you know a lot of these students may have never heard of some of the places that we have here today. So it’s an opportunity for them to sort of, get out of their comfort zone, get out of the normal things that they know about college and explore things that they might not have the opportunity to go visit or to go see, here by coming during the school day."

The event typically pulls about 1,000 students each year. Those who attended had the chance to take part in financial aid sessions. Michaela George, a high school senior partaking in College Day found this portion particularly helpful.

"We had a financial aid presentation and it helped me a lot. I had no idea about that stuff so I think that’s where it helped me."

The event ran from 9AM to 11AM.