Gambling Addiction and Treatment Funding

by Stephanie Hube on October 17, 2014 at 6:40 am

The State of Ohio is planning to spend nearly $5.8 million on gambling addiction and treatment this year.

Locally we aren’t seeing this money come by way of a specific grant or project, but, according Executive Director of Muskingum Behavioral Health Steve Carrel, we are seeing some of that money based on general per captia dollars. Carrel said currently two programs are being implemented to combat gambling addiction.

"Two things that the six addiction agencies in our area are going together, one is, everybody that comes to us for drug and alcohol treatment is also screened for gambling problems" said Carrel. "The other thing we’re doing is funding a survey of teenagers 6th grade through 12th grade in a six county area."

The survey asks teens general attitudes and behavior questions along side drug alcohol and addiction related questions.

"That is going to be a real benefit because we can use that data for not only for programs but use it for writing our grants."

Since casino revenue is tied directly to treatment prevention, as the Ohio casino revenues increase more money will be poured back into the state.