Hospitals Prepare for Ebola

by Stephanie Hube on October 17, 2014 at 6:35 am

With Ebola on the front lines of medical news, local hospitals are preparing just in case the virus arrives in Southeast Ohio.

Genesis Hospital Medical Director of Infection Prevention, Doug Haas said the hospital has been conducting drills as instituted by the Ohio Health Department.

"We’ve been drilling, we’ve been providing additional education to our staff so that they can be prepared and have and utilize effective protective equipment if a patient were to be admitted here" said Haas.

Haas also said they have begun screening all patients for Ebola at the point of entry to rapidly identify and facilitate testing.

"I think the outbreak in West Africa is a big deal, that deserves a lot of attention but I think the risk of local transmission is pretty low."

Haas said at this time it is probably more important to go and get your flu shot than it is to worry about Ebola.