Linda Regula Injured at Granddaughter’s Wedding

by Bill Hughes on October 22, 2014 at 7:10 am

An unfortunate accident for Linda Regula, the Democratic Candidate for Muskingum County Commissioner this weekend has her in the hospital.

Regula attended her granddaughter’s wedding Saturday, and immediately following the ceremony, she was lining up for pictures in the church’s basement when she didn’t see a raised portion of the floor and fell to the ground breaking her hip.

Sitting up in her bed at Good Samaritan Hospital she spoke with us. 

"I think what I’m doing is real important and I won’t let this stop me," said Regula. "In 1976 I fell 40 feet out of a barn and I had four surgeons tell me I’d never walk again and I didn’t believe them, and I’m up and going, and so this won’t hold me down that long."

Regula had surgery Sunday afternoon and was able to walk with the assistance of a walker Wednesday. She said this will slow her down, but it will not stop her campaign.

"I really care about my community and I really think that I could do good," said Regula. She added with a trickle of laughter, "so I’ll just be campaigning reclining I guess."

Regula said she will be making calls from home over the next couple of weeks. She also said she’ll attend various government meetings, and at the moment she has surrogates going door to door for her.