Transitions, Inc. 2014 Annual Fundraising Luncheon and Silent Auction

by Dana Zimmer on October 11, 2014 at 9:13 am

Transitions Incorporated held its 14 annual fundraising luncheon and silent auction this afternoon.

The luncheon provided an opportunity for the community and businesses to come together to help raise funds for the corporation and its domestic violence shelter. The Board of Transition’s Secretary, Bridget Tetak explains the fundraising at today’s luncheon.

"We have corporate tables, so a lot of businesses take advantage of that to have a private table. We also have a silent auction, so many businesses in the community have given items for us to auction off. Also we have a transitions house where people can just put their cash or check in there if they want to donate in that way."

Transitions mission is to successfully intervene in the cycle of family violence, child abuse, and sexual abuse by providing a safe harbor, personal and legal advocacy, and other related assistance to victims and their families.

"We also help in the chords with advocacy. So, getting protection orders and really protecting the victims from their abusers and it also gives a safe environment for their children."

Transitions has plans to speak at schools in the near future to keep raising awarness for domestic violence.