Application Campaign Day at John Glenn High School

by Dana Zimmer on November 14, 2014 at 8:26 am

Area high schools are now dedicating a day for high school students to take a look into their academic futures.

John Glenn High School held their "Application Campaign day" today where students were able to apply for college or search for a job. There was also an opportunity for students who are looking to further their education to apply for their pin number so they are able to obtain financial aid come January.

School counselor, Betty Caw explained how this was their first campaign day. "We are having an application campaign day. It started out as a national event called the American College Campaign, Ohio adopted it through the board of regents throughout the Ohio board of regents and now most of Ohio in some way, some form is participating in this."

Senior Kate Bass said that furthering her education will allow her to explore new places. "I’ve always lived in Ohio and this is a great area to grow up in, obviously, but it’s very small and I want to expand my horizons and be able to say that I’ve been all over the united states as opposed to just in new concord."

Students were also able to speak with military recruiters and representatives from Ohio means jobs to create accounts for job employment.