Ed Fitzgerald pushing forward with his campaign

by Bill Hughes on November 3, 2014 at 6:46 am

One of Ohio’s gubernatorial candidates made a stop in Zanesville this afternoon.

Democrat Ed Fitzgerald is making final strides around the state to spread his message of bringing local tax dollars back to the local community instead of having them be spent statewide.

"When it comes down to numbers the state budget has gone up by $12 million in the last four years, that’s an incredible increase but local communities have had money taken out of them, so to me there’s something out of balance there, and we’re going to try to restore that balance," said Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald’s campaign has received low funding, and as part of that and other factors he has trailed in the polls for much of this campaign. However, he says it’s going to come down to who actually votes, and that’s why he’s had a big push to motivate people to vote.

"I’ve been out spent before in campaigns, but it’s all going to come down to who turns out to vote and we think that most people agree with our policies and we’ve been putting almost all of our resources into making sure people actually get out to vote," said Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald and his running mate Sharon Neuhardt are making many stops across the state between now and the time polls close tomorrow night.