House of Grace Church To Hold Thanksgiving Meal

House of Grace Church To Hold Thanksgiving Meal

by Katie Donovan on November 25, 2014

House of Grace Church is reaching out to the community this week.

For the second year now, the church will be serving a Thanksgiving meal to members of the community. Anyone who has no where to turn during the holidays is welcome. If you have no means of transportation to make the event, the church will come to get you. All you have to do is contact the church and let them know you would like to attend. Pastor Joe Dunlap says the response from the community has been very positive.

"So far its been great. Different ones getting involved with us and House of Grace also, just fantastic as they always do have stepped up and with all the turkeys and the potatoes and everything that’s going with it. We’ve got everything that they need for Thanksgiving dinner."

House of Grace will also be delivering meals to community members. Pastor Dunlap explained to us the importance of holding the community event each holiday season.

"Just reaching out to the community. Thats what our church is about. We are a church without walls. Reaching out, making a difference, wanting to impact our community and let them know that they have a place where they’re welcome."

The meal will take place in the basement of the church from 11AM to 1PM on Thanksgiving Day.