Mid-East Career and Technology Center Holds Opportunity Fair

by Katie Donovan on November 18, 2014 at 6:21 am

Mid-East Career and Technology Center held their first ever Opportunity Fair Tuesday evening.

It took place at the New Commons Zanesville Campus. The fair was geared toward high school students and was described as a twist on a parent teacher conference. We spoke to the Executive Director of the career and technology center who told us a little bit more about how it worked.

"Parents, and their students have the opportunity to come in, meet with their counselors, teachers, take in any information that they normally would at a parent teacher conference and then also have the opportunity to meet with businesses, industries, some colleges and universities are present as well as other entities from the community."

There was no attendance goal but they were hoping to draw more than a typical parent teacher conference. The Executive Director shared with us the value of these events to the students.

"We’re going to give the students the opportunity and the parents of course to see what is out there beyond Mid-East and how it connects to what they’re doing here at the career and technology center."

After the event, the Career Center hopes to gather data from their stakeholders, students and parents to make it a better event for years to come.