North Terrace Church of Christ Holds Annual Tea and Fashion Show

by Katie Donovan on November 3, 2014 at 11:47 am

The women of North Terrace Church of Christ gathered for their annual, Ladies Tea and Fashion Show Monday evening.

The gathering has been going on for many years now. This year, the event partnered with two different organizations. Sarah Baker-Wickerham, the MC for the night told us a little bit more about the purpose of the event and the new partnerships.

"It’s an event that gives us the opportunity to share some fellowship with the women here at our church, their friends from outside of our church, and we’re also working with two organizations to help women around the world. So one is an organization called ByTavi which helps women in Cambodia kind of come out of sex trafficking and other struggles and to become economically viable and then dress a girl around the world. Our own members make dresses for girls in the poorest parts of the world and we send those dresses to them."

Baker-Wickerham says it gave the church the chance to minister to the two organizations, have fun, and educate those attending on how to get involved. She explains why she feels the cause is so important.

"It’s us reaching out to women in some of the poorest parts of our world and showing them that God’s light is shining on them and that they’re important and sometimes the smallest things like a new dress will show a girl that they’re valuable."

About 240 people attended Monday evening’s gathering.