Operation Spirit Auction

by Dana Zimmer on November 10, 2014 at 1:04 am

Operation Spirit hosted an auction Saturday at the VFW in Zanesville.

The auction helped to raise funds for Operation Spirit’s annual Christmas care package event. Every year, the organization makes Christmas care packages and stockings to send to our troops overseas. Director Melodie Pittman says that they had a lot of great items for the auction this year.

"Oh we have some beautiful, country and military footlockers and military uniforms and imperative items, old fashioned kitchen utensils and rag rugs. A lot of really nice Christmas, Santa, unusual Christmas and dolls and a vintage barbie and that kind of thing."

This was the first time operation spirit has put on an event like this, and PIttman believes it will allow the community to see how many great things their store has to offer.

"We are so blessed with the merchandise that we get that we actually have storage units and offer, because lots of times people will come to an auction that may not come to the resail thrift store, so we were trying to give another option for the community to participate in."

Pittman adds that this event couldn’t have been a success without the help from volunteers or from the community.