Zanesville City School District passes levy

by Bill Hughes on November 5, 2014 at 6:41 am

It was a good day for school levies in Tuesday’s general election. Nearly two third’s passed including one for Zanesville City Schools.

It passed by 549 votes. Superintendent Terry Martin said it’s a much larger margin than many school officials expected.

"It certainly felt good for all of us that were involved with the work on the levy," said Martin. "We had extensive committee that was working from each school building, and I feel that everybody did their part, and we got the message out and our citizens responded."

The passage of this levy will allow the school district to continue funding day-to-day expenditures. Some of those include supporting safety measures, library resources and building maintenance.

There are also many other things that are apart of it, but Martin said it’s nice to know people don’t have to worry about reducing programs throughout the district.

"I think they can know and rest assured that we’re not going to have to cut programs or anything that supports the children’s efforts in the classrooms," said Martin.

This levy was first passed in 1989 and has been renewed every five years since. Martin said passing it make the five year forecast brighter.