Artist Colony of Zanesville Names Artist Of The Month

by Katie Donovan on December 31, 2014 at 7:01 am

The first Friday Art Walk of 2015 is coming up, and the Artist Colony of Zanesville has named their artist of the month.

Carole Jordan, a local resident here in Zanesville, draws primarily figures. We stopped by to chat with her Wednesday, and she shared a little bit about her history as an artist.

"As an art major, everybody has to start out drawing bricks and wads of paper and still life’s, and then the next thing you do is you progress to figure drawing because that’s trickier and I really found that most challenging and most interesting. You can vary the effects just so easily and it’s hard to fake. It really is hard to fake. You cant fake a hand or a foot or anything like that."

Different colored paper serves as Jordan’s backdrops and she draws with pencil, ink, brush and fine point, graphite charcoal, and chalk. She told us what serves as her inspiration.

"I like photography and I like historic preservation and I like other things. So lots of things inspire. Something that I like, but for figure drawing I cant really say. I guess it’s just going to a class and looking at the model and figuring out what angle I want and walking around and deciding and the lighting. Something that maybe I haven’t tried for a while."

You can go to view and even purchase Carole’s work at Seilers’ studio on 7th street. You can attend the show between the hours of 6PM and 8PM on Friday.