Muskingum County Library System Finalizes 2015 Order List

by Dana Zimmer on December 11, 2014 at 7:03 am

The Muskingum County library system is developing it’s 2015 order list.

This morning, John McIntire Library Assistant Director, Blair Tom, met with the collection development specialists to finalize their order list of the most borrowed authors by Muskingum County readers for 2015. Tom says this annual meeting is done for the interest of their readers.

"The benefit to customers in Muskingum County is that they’re assured that as soon as that book is available through other kinds of outlets, such as retail outlets, it will be on the shelves of their Muskingum County library system to be borrowed."

Tom says that the amount of books ordered depends on the popularity of the author or trend.

"It does fluctuate, we took a few authors off this year and we added a few, some by trends and some by just the change in popularity of authors, but there are scores of authors on that list and some years that author may not write any, and some there, like in the case of James Patterson, there may be several during the year."

The process is done every December so that by the start of the year, there will be great collections available for customers.